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And we’re off!

And we’re off!

September 30, 2017 (Saturday)

Today is the day!  It reminds me of the book, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”  A book written and illustrated by Dr. Seuss.  Jan and I, and our two “body guards” (using that term very, very lightly) Murphy and Dover, embark on our epic road trip.  We of course leave very early to begin our day…noon!  It took much longer than anticipated to batten down the hatches, get our trailer road worthy, and ensure that the contents would not be broken into a million pieces upon arrival.  What this means is that all items on the walls must come down, all breakables must be padded and stored, anything on the floor that could possible roll/move needs to be tipped over or secured. Eleanor is an old gal, so we go old school when battening down the hatches…bungee chords and duct tape work like a charm. Though this is a chore every time we move her.

So, we pulled out at high noon and hit the road.  We are now nomads, gypsy’s, pilgrims if you will, pulling our aluminum covered 35-foot-long wagon across the open highways.  We of course had to stop for coffee and a bathroom break 12 miles out of town. Once you start unhooking the trailer, it’s sort of a whirlwind and you forget essential needs. YIKES!  We are such road warriors.  Look out people, we now have coffee, radio jamming, and are trucking on!

We arrived at our first campground, Cascade Meadows RV Resort in La Pine, Oregon, after dark.  It was chilly, we are tired and ready for sleep. Too bad we must hook up to at least utilities before our heads can hit the pillows. We do the minimum and call it a day. — Annette

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