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Free of Charge…No Way!

Free of Charge…No Way!

October 3, 2017 (Tuesday):

We’re taking our time to pack up and Jan is working a bit today. We finally left Dr. Dana and Beetle’s house and headed over to the shop to hook up to our house with a newly installed fan and additional mounting brackets free of charge. Yeah! You’ve got to love a trip to the shop that doesn’t cost a dime.

We hit the road and set our sights on getting as far as we could before dark. It turned out to be only a few hours’ drive though. We stopped in Burns, Oregon and stayed at Burns RV Park. Backing up our truck and trailer (nearly 60 feet in length) is tricky. After several attempts at getting Eleanor into our spot after dark, Jan finally nailed it. We opted to leave Eleanor hooked to the truck since we were leaving the next morning and just quickly hooked up the utilities.

Jan Flesher

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