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Spartan Travel Trailer History

Spartan travel trailers were manufactured from 1945 to 1962 by the Spartan Aircraft Company. At the end of the war, the owner had to decide where to take the company and there were quite a few options on the table: 5-passenger airplanes, a new type of automobile and a radically designed travel trailer.  With the great need for housing after the war, it was determined that trailer manufacturing would be the way to go.

Owned by one of the richest men in America at the time, J. Paul Getty spared no expense in the creation of these high-quality travel trailers.  They were built with the same techniques used in the manufacturing of their airplanes. The result was some of the highest quality travel trailers available, and their price reflected that.

Our Eleanor, named after First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, is the First Lady of trailers. She was born in 1957 with a 35-foot length, an 8.5-foot width and weighed in at 6,520 pounds. At the time, she cost $5,305. With the additional weight of all our possessions, we now estimate she is a strapping lady of about 5 tons.